Man who died of brain abscess should have seen GP face-to-face, says NHS

Video report by Granada Reports correspondent Ann O'Connor

Health service officials say a student who died in hospital, after developing a brain abscess, should have been seen face-to-face by a GP.

David Nash, from Nantwich, was studying in Leeds when he called his GP surgery about lumps he found in his neck.

In four calls, over 19 days, Mr Nash was never offered an in-person appointment - despite developing a fever, pain that kept him awake and finding blood in his urine.

Mr Nash did not go to A&E and kept trying to get help from his doctors' surgery

An initial inner-ear infection was never picked up. Eventually, the 26-year-old was taken to hospital where he died with an abscess on his brain.

His parents Andrew and Anne said: "It was a treatable condition. So as parents, we’re obviously dismayed that our son could be here today.

"He abided by the rules when he had to. With the GPs, he tried to access them. He was sensible, he didn’t turn up at A&E."

Health officials have written to his parents to say he should have been offered a face-to-face assessment

The NHS in the North East and Yorkshire has told Mr Nash's family that he should have been offered a face to face assessment given the duration of his symptoms.

It also says blood tests that he was due to have at the GP might have brought earlier diagnosis but it is not known if this would have altered the outcome.

Andrew and Anne Nash say what they want "is for it not to happen to anyone else"

“We tried not to be angry because there is actual point to that," said Mr Nash's parents.

"What we want is for it not to happen to anyone else. The anger hasn’t subsided because no-one is accountable.

“The one thing we want is our son back and that will never happen. But what we can do, by telling this story, we can contribute to the wider debate of access to face-to-face appointments.”

The surgery has sent condolences to the family but says it would be inappropriate to comment.

An inquest into Mr Nash's death is due early next year.