Eurythmics star pens new musical The Time Traveller's Wife at Chester Storyhouse

A new musical written by Eurythmics star Dave Stewart and singer Joss Stone is debuting in the North West - before heading to the West End.

The Time Traveller's Wife starring Joanna Woodward as the traveller's wife, Clare, runs until 15 October at the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester.

Summarising the show, Joanna said: "It's about Henry and Claire, and they go through all the normal things in life. They meet, they fall in love, get married, have a baby.

"But it's all out of order, because Henry happens to be a time traveller."

Her co-star is David Hunter, from Warrington, who plays the time traveller Henry. David said: "It's brilliant. It's fantastic. There's so much brilliant theatre in the North West.

"It's great for a theatre as beautiful as this to have already won awards, have a world premiere. These lucky audiences get to see it for the very first time."

Dave Stewart, one half of the band Eurythmics co-wrote the musical with singer Joss Stone.

Dave Stewart said: "It's been very interesting wandering around the wet and windy streets of Chester.

"It's a very beautiful place to put something on. As complex as this always attracts me to being involved in a musical, because I've got one of those busy brains."

One of Eurythmics biggest hits was 'Sweet Dreams' in 1982, Dave says he wrote the song with bandmate Annie Lennox in under an hour.

Dave said: "Annie and I would tend to write songs in 15, 30 minutes. Musicals are more complex."

He added: "Annie and I had a 45-year relationship. We still talk to each other nearly every day. We lived together for about three and a half or four years.

"We didn't write one song at all, so we decided to live separately. Then we wrote like 150 love songs."

Dave Stewart with Eurythmics co-star Annie Lennox Credit: PA Images

Dave Stewart has produced songs for Ringo Starr and Mick Jagger says his favourite song he has ever written is Here Comes the Rain Again from 1983 because it was not a straightforward pop song.

Speaking on working in Chester, he said: "I was so impressed with the Storyhouse Theatre here in Chester because most times creativity gets kicked out, but it actually is the forefront of how a community comes together."

The Time Traveller's Wife world premiere can be seen at the Storyhouse theatre in Chester until Saturday 15 October.

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