Granada Introducing Boston Manor planning their first hometown gig in Blackpool

Video by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Elaine Willcox

Boston Manor are an alternative punk band from Blackpool but they have never played any of their hometown iconic venues.

That is about to change, after touring the world for almost a decade.

The band, all from the Fylde coast are planning to play Blackpool by Christmas, whilst looking to raise funds for those struggling with the cost of living crisis.

The details are under wraps at the moment, but they have said playing 'a venue as iconic as the Empress ballroom or Tower Ballroom would be a dream for us.'

Boston Manor have just released their fourth studio album 'Datura', named after a poisonous flowering plant.

Henry Cox, the bands frontman says, "I'm not going to lie, it's quite dark, looking at issues like addiction and loneliness, but this is just part one, part two may be more hopeful".

Their sound has evolved, as the band has grown up together, with all five of them writing their songs and each having defined roles when they record and tour.

That all came to stop in lockdown but it forced them to 'reset' and they are excited for their growing fanbase in the US and Europe to hear the new releases.

Boston Manor's fourth studio album Credit: Sharptone Reords

The band has signed to SharpTone Records and are planning new tours in South America, Asia and Australia.

Ash Wilson, on rhythm guitar says most of their fans in the US have never heard of Blackpool but when they hear about it they think it sounds a 'cool place' but for them 'it is just home.'

Jordan Pugh on drums and brothers Mike and Dan Cunniff on guitar complete their line up. Having brothers in the band, Cox and Wilson say has given them 'lots of laughs and stability.'

"We never take it for granted what we do. We tour for 10 months of the year away from home. We have been with each other through the highs and lows and our music has evolved and grown as we have".

Boston Manor about about to release their 4th studio album Credit: SharpTone Records

In launching the album, their signer has talked about his own struggles with his mental health.

The new record has some intensely personal songs, which Cox admits will be tough to perform each night but for him it has been a 'cathartic experience'.

He says "giving voices to his experiences in low times has helped, most people are encouraged to talk about them, whereas we have made them into a record."

Boston Manor talking to Elaine Willcox at Rock Hard studios in Blackpool

Away from the lights, Blackpool is one of the most deprived towns in the country.

Cox says 'it is their muse' and 'the heartbeat running through their music.'

They laugh at the image of bewildered fans from 'the south' getting off at Blackpool North train station and seeing the tower for the first time and getting their first Blackpool experience.

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