Murdered teen's mum says new mural in his honour gives her 'some peace'

The mural on Norton Street in Old Trafford where Rhamero West was killed. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The mother of a teen murdered in Old Trafford has said that a mural painted on the street where he was killed has helped bring her a "little peace".

16-year-old Rhamero West was chased and then stabbed on Norton Street in September 2021, three people were later convicted of his murder.

Rhamero West, 16, was stabbed and killed in Old Trafford last year. Credit: Family photo

The mural named 'A Better Tomorrow - Together We Stand' was funded by Trafford Council and was produced in collaboration with community arts group OT Creative Space, and overseen by Rhamero West's mother Kelly.

A Better Tomorrow - Together We Stand mural Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Kelly said: "It feels I can come to this street and find a little peace. Before, I was fearful coming to this street, re-living my son's last moments. But now with this being here - it's a beautiful piece of artwork"

Rhamero West's mum says that the mural has helped her be able to revisit the street where he was killed. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The mural is part of The OT Art Trail which was launched last year by Lynda Sterling of community project OT Creative Space and funded by Arts Council England.

The initial phase saw six large murals painted onto walls and buildings around the area, including in Seymour Park and on Ayres Road. The art trail total now stands at nine.