Doorbell cam in Knowsley catches boys as they refill Halloween treat bowl with their own sweets

Footage from a doorbell camera has been shared on social media showing two trick or treaters refilling a sweet jar when they found it empty.

Footage has captured the moment two boys refilled an empty trick-or-treat bowl - with their own sweets.

Jodie Laithy, from Page Moss in Knowsley, says "their parents should be proud of them" after her doorbell camera caught the boy's selfless act.

Jodie had left the bowl of Halloween sweets outside her house for trick-or-treaters, but when they ran out the doorbell camera picked up two boys refilling it from their own bag of treats.

The two schoolboys are seen approaching the door wearing ski masks, before ringing the doorbell.

After waiting for a few seconds, one of the boys noticed an empty sweet bowl on a chair near the front door.

The boy was captured picking up the bowl and saying "somebody has taken them" before putting it back down.

He then opens his own plastic bag full of sweets and starts placing some of them into the empty bowl.The boys turn to the Ring doorbell camera and wave before saying "happy Halloween".

When the boys noticed the bowl was empty they began to fill it with their own sweets. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Jodie shared the video on Facebook in hope of the boys' parents seeing the video and knowing "how amazing their children are".Jodie said: "These kids actions were so cute. I hope their parents see it and are proud of them.

"We left a bowl of sweets out for the kids while we were out, and because it was empty they put some of their own sweets in it.

"I didn’t expect that from two young lads, amazing they are."And their little wave and 'happy Halloween' was the cutest thing ever."The footage has already been shared thousands of times on Facebook, with one woman saying it "made her cry".