Families of Arena victims 'disappointment' calling inquiry report 'utter waste of time'

  • Steven Howe described the inquiry as "a complete and utter waste of time"

Families of the victims who died during the Manchester Arena attack have spoken of their 'disappointment' following a damning report into the attack.

Steven Howe's wife Alison Howe, a former nurse from Royton, was killed in the attack at the age of 44.

Steven described the inquiry as "a complete and utter waste of time."

He said: "If they'd have held their hands up within weeks and said we've made loads of mistakes I think we would have felt better, but after six years, I feel worse than the day after it happened."

  • June Tron's son Phillip was four metres away from the bomb when it detonated

Reacting to the report, June said: "They need to stop pushing the blame on one another. It's been one big cock up from beginning to end".

June's son Philip was standing with his partner's daughter Courtney Boyle just four metres away from the bomb when it exploded.

She concluded: "It's hard knowing because the right people didn't get in, them two didn't survive."

22 people died during the article and hundreds more were injured. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

John Atkinson was six meters away from the bomber when the device was detonated, and suffered severe leg injuries, abdominal injuries and later died following a cardiac arrest.

Following the publication of the report, the family of John Atkinson also released a statement saying: "John was our son, brother, uncle, and friend.

"Everyone who knew him loved being around him. He always put others first. As today's report says, his working life was spent helping those in care and his kindness and generosity were evident for all to see.

"He lit up our lives, and there is less laughter in the world without him. Since his passing, our lives have been shattered. Today, the inquiry has answered our questions about John's death.

"It is now clear beyond any doubt that on the night of the bombing John was totally failed at every stage, both by the private medical providers at the Arena, ETUK and the emergency services.

"It is crystal clear that due to those failings, John died from injuries that he could and should have survived.

"As the report says, timely medical treatment to stop or slow John's catastrophic bleeding and get him to hospital would have saved him."

John Atkinson was six meters away from the bomber when the device was detonated.

They concluded: "He was left, dying, without his dignity, on the floor when it should have been obvious to medics that he needed to get straight to hospital.

"As we know from witnesses, John kept asking if he was going to die. John must have known that he was dying and the pain that causes us is too great to put into words. This should simply never have been allowed to happen.

"The apology from North West Ambulance Service means nothing unless they act rapidly on this report to ensure that no family ever has to go through this horrific experience again.

"We welcome Sir John's promise to monitor the implementation of his recommendations. Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words.

"We will be watching to see what happens now. We thank the chair for his meticulous and fearless report.

"John will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts."