Stockport band Blossoms open library at Greave Primary School

Blossoms opening school library
Blossoms took time out of their schedule to open "Hobbit House" Credit: Greave Primary School

The band Blossoms have opened a library at a primary school in their hometown of Stockport.

The group opened the environmentally friendly Hobbit House, which houses a library and IT suit at Greave Primary school.

Greave Primary went underground for the new library Credit: Greave Primary School

The design is a one of a kind custom built to Greave's own specifications.

To ensure there was no impact on the environment the school didn't want to build a concrete construction so went underground.

  • Hobbit House has been custom built

Hobbit House is custom built Credit: Greave Primary School
  • Going underground to be environmentally friendly

Going underground Credit: Greave Primary
  • Hobbit house is home to a library and IT centre

Library and IT centre Credit: Greave Primary
  • The school has called the space "amazing"

Innovative design Credit: Greave Primary
  • The school says it "wants to inspire the next generation of readers"

Greave wants to "inspire the new generation of readers" Credit: Greave Primary

Blossoms spent time with students who got the chance to ask the band lots of questions, and pupils and staff serenaded the band with a special version of their hit single Charlemagne. 

After cutting the red ribbon, the band had a tour of the new place and rounded off the visit by posing for pictures with students and signing autographs. 

Blossoms sat through a special assembly and signed autographs Credit: Greave Primary

Staff at Greave Primary School say they are looking "forward to inspiring the next generation of readers in this new amazing space."

The Stockport-band are named after The Blossoms pub in their home town Credit: PA