Peter Kay tour: From TV shows to standup the Bolton comedy king's career so far

The Bolton comedy legend was cemented as a household name thanks to a number of highly successful TV shows, mostly based in Greater Manchester. Credit: PA Images

Peter Kay left fans in shock with a surprise announcement that he would be making his return to standup comedy with his first live tour in 12 years just next month.

The Bolton comedy legend was cemented as a household name thanks to a number of highly successful TV shows, starting with That Peter Kay Thing that lead on to him creating Phoenix Nights.

The 49-year-old is well known for basing and filming his shows in Greater Manchester, including in his hometown of Farnworth, Bolton.

Kay is also known for often working with his long-time friends, including giving childhood best friend Paddy McGuinness his television break.

What TV shows did Peter Kay write and star in?

  • That Peter Kay Thing - Peter Kay's first break into TV saw him star in a series of spoof documentaries all based in the North West, including one set in the Manchester Arena where he used to work. It was also here that the idea for Phoenix Nights was born with him first starring as Brian Potter.

  • Phoenix Nights - Set and filmed in a working men's club in Kay's hometown of Bolton, the TV show centered around The Phoenix Club and its owner Brian Potter, and his attempts to outdo his nemesis Den Perry's rival club the Banana Grove. Written alongside Neil Fitzmaurice and Dave Spikey.

  • Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere - A spin-off from Phoenix Nights saw a TV series based around the club's bouncers Max and Paddy, played and written by childhood best friends Paddy McGuinness and Peter Kay.

  • Peter Kay's Car Share - Most recently Peter Kay starred in Car Share, again based in and around Greater Manchester. The series focuses around supermarket assistant manager John Redmond and shop worker Kayleigh Kitson as they travel to and from work. Kayleigh Kitson is played by Peter Kay's friend Sian Gibson who he studied alongside at the University of Salford.

Phoenix Night was based in Kay's hometown of Farnworth, and filmed at St Gregory's Working Men's Club in the town.. Credit: Google Maps

Peter Kay's best jokes

  • "Was there a time before shatter proof rulers existed? What were they doing before, blowing up in kid's faces?"

  • “Have we got any teachers in the audience? No don’t shout, put your hands up..fingers on lips!”

  • “My dad used to say, ‘Always fight fire with fire’, which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.”

  • “Mate of mine has just been sacked off the dodgems. But he’s doing them for funfair dismissal."

On stage equally the comic is famed for his observational wit, with one of his most famous skits including the first time his dad tried garlic bread.

Peter Kay's most famous lines

  • "Put big light on. What are they expecting a 2000W bulb."

  • "Garlic I hearing you right"

  • "Just got back from T'Egypt"

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