Uber's best rated UK driver is a Scouser living in Manchester

Michael Quinn Uber driver
Uber driver Michael Quinn has the most five star ratings in the UK Credit: PA/Michael Quinn

Manchester is home to Uber's highest rated driver in the country.

Michael Quinn, 73, has been working for Uber for seven-and-a-half years and has received the most five-star ratings out of any driver across the UK.

And with 67,000 trips under his belt, he has also completed the most rides country-wide.

Among these trips Michael was rated five stars for was a recent journey where he rushed a university student with a suspected heart attack to Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Talking about that incident he said: "The university rang an Uber and I was there to take him to an A&E as soon as possible.

"And keep him calm – because he really was so worried and panicking."

Michael kept a student suffering a suspected heart attack calm on way to hospital Credit: PA/ Real Life

Michael said not all of his trips are this stressful though, with many moments of "beauty".

"I always remember this couple I picked up a long time ago now, a very young couple that had just gone to the chippy," he said.

"It was a Saturday night about 8pm, and their evening was going to be in front of the fire with their fish and chips, and each other.

"It’s always been with me, that experience… how beautiful to see - they had nothing, but they had each other."

Michael with his hero award and Uber’s Head of Community, Bex Xiao Credit: Uber UK

Michael has now been presented with an Uber Hero Award in recognition of his achievements with the company, and described it as a "very proud" time in his life.

He claimed the title ahead of more than 85,000 Uber drivers across Great Britain, and said he enjoys being able to 'enhance' a stranger's day.

"You’re meeting people from all walks of life - different ages, different backgrounds, all with hopes and dreams in their lives and aspirations and worries and anxieties.

"It’s marvellous to get feedback from complete strangers with you for such a short time and yet you’re able to enhance their day in that moment of meeting them.

"I get comments like, 'Thank you, Michael, for getting me to the train on time,' and ‘Yes, you are the best driver in the city!' It’s a great profession."

Michael was born in Liverpool but has spent most of his life in Manchester, and now lives alone just 10 minutes outside the city centre.

He averages approximately 200 trips in his six-day working week, starting at 6am and finishing around 8pm.

Michael's top tips to other Uber drivers on how to get five star rating:

  • Keep your attitude positive. You really do have the power to enhance someone's day with a few chosen words.

  • Good communication is key. For example, if there’s a diversion, always make sure to explain to the rider what alternative route you’re planning to take.

  • First impressions can go a long way, so ensure you keep your vehicle clean and tidy.

  • If your rider has a suitcase or large bag, make sure to get out of the car and offer to help them.

Uber riders and drivers can both rate the journey Credit: Uber

Uber has just marked 10 years of operating in the UK, with its first journey being in London.

When it was launched in September 2012, there were a total of 69 drivers working with Uber in the UK.

Today, the number of drivers surpasses 85,000 - a figure which is consistently growing.