Calls for 'more experience' in the workplace as new report says ageism still exists

  • Video Report by Granada Reports Correspondent Mel Barham

Two thirds of people over 50 believe their age works against them when they're looking for a job - but a new report challenges that.

The Unretirement Uprising study, led by age activism platform 55/Redefined and recruitment company Reed Talent Solutions, surveys more than 4,000 over-50s.

It says those with more experience can have more to offer an employer.

Rapid Precision Engineering, based in Huyton, near Liverpool, says it welcomes older workers for this reason.

Employee Dave Haslam is 68 and went back to work at the plant after a career elsewhere.

He said: "I do feel valued, you get older but you've still got more to offer I think I have a lot to offer and it is just nice to be working."

Dave Haslam, 68, says his experience in the workplace is valued. Credit: ITV News

Richard Gregson, 71, works in the office and has no plans to retire.

"I enjoy coming to work it's a purpose in your day to get up," he said. "I work two days a week and I enjoy it."

Paul Brennan, the Managing Director at Rapid Precision Engineering, says there's no substitute for experience.

He said: "Over the years we've always had people around retirement age and never felt the need to ask anyone to move on.

"You can't beat experience and you can't beat the knowledge"

71-year-old Richard Gregson works in the office at Rapid Precision Engineering. Credit: ITV News

It's estimated that over 50s in the workplace could contribute some £20 billion to the economy.

Lyndsey Simpson is the CEO of 55/Redefined and said: "There is prejudice to the over 50s and it is overt, all the studies show that you become more productive and a better decision maker as you age, so it seems crazy to me that we are ignoring this powerhouse of talent."

The report is released ahead of UK National Older Workers Week - starting on 21 November.

It aims to be a celebration of age and calls for better age diversity in the workplace.