Awaab Ishak: Parents of Rochdale toddler say housing boss sacking ‘speaks volumes’

ITV Granada Correspondent Andy Bonner reports from Rochdale.

The family of two-year-old Awaab Ishak say his death "must not be in vain" as they called for a law in his name.

A coroner ruled the toddler died after prolonged exposure to damp and mould at the family's home in Rochdale.

His death was described as a "defining" moment for the housing sector to improve, after Awaab's family made repeated attempts to get the mould removed.

Gareth Swarbrick was sacked four days after Awaab Ishak's inquest. Credit: PA

The Chief Executive of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing was sacked on Saturday - just four days after the toddler's damning inquest.

His parents said the fact that Gareth Swarbrick had to be sacked as opposed to resigning, "speaks volumes".

The family say they find it "wholly unacceptable that just two days ago, the board expressed confidence in him the first place."

Awaab's parents wanted to thank the public for their support, which "has kept them strong at a time when they have felt at their weakest".

They also said they "feel the public support has played a vital role in RBH’s chief executive being sacked."

They are now urging people to support an online petition calling for an Awaab's law, which has surpassed its 75,000 signature target.

The new law in their son's name would mean all housing associations are legally obliged not to allow anybody to dwell in uninhabitable conditions - such as those the toddler suffered for so long.