Young fan 'so excited' Jack Grealish keeps goal celebration promise in England's World Cup game

A celebration performed in Qatar, choreographed in Manchester, ITV Granada Reports sports correspondent Chris Hall reports.

A Jack Grealish super fan says he is "so excited" the football star kept his promise and celebrated his first goal of the Qatar World cup as the pair had practiced.

Avid Manchester City fan Finlay Fisher was visited by the Premier League and England star after he wrote him a letter to say he had the same condition as his sister, cerebral palsy.

Grealish, from Birmingham, was so touched by the letter he turned up to surprise the 12-year-old as he played at the Manchester City academy.

After chatting for a while, Grealish promised Finlay if he scored a goal during England's World Cup campaign in Qatar he would celebrate in his honour by doing the 'arm worm'.

When he scored England's sixth goal against Iran in their 6-2 win, Grealish kept his promise, ran to the sideline, stretched out his arms, and wiggled them from side to side.

Finlay, says he yelled “he remembered” at the television when he scored, adding: “I was just waiting for Jack Grealish to score and there it was, I was just so excited.

“At first I thought he would forget.”

His mum Cheryl added: “I think he was a bit starstruck by it.”

Finlay speaks about Jack Grealish keeping his promise

Grealish later tweeted 'for you Finlay' which was met with more excitement from the youngster.

Finlay also revealed he almost did not get to watch the match because he was in A&E after a fall in the morning, returning home just 10 minutes before kick off.

“I hurt my leg in the morning and I to sit in A&E for two hours,” he said. “I was like ‘come on let me out, let me out, call my name’.

“I got home 10 minutes before, I was just on time, perfect.”

  • Finlay Fisher shows Jack Grealish how he wants him to celebrate when he scores a goal for England

Speaking after the game, Grealish said: "Obviously I said to him that if I scored I would do the celebration for him.

"I don't know how he'd rate my dance moves because I'll be honest I'm not the best dancer unless it's later on in the night, but honestly I had to do it and I think he'll be buzzing at home that it happened in a World Cup instead of the Premier League."

Finlay had initially asked Grealish to do the worm, but after the England forward admitted he could not do it, the pair then created their own celebration.

"I'll do a little celebration for you, alright?" he told Finlay. "What would you like me to do?"

He added: "First of all I've got to try and score. I've only scored once this season.

"So I'll try and score, and if I do, I'll do it for you. But I can't do the worm, I'll get injured!"

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