Granada Introducing Wirral singer Michael Aldag's 'teenage diary entry set to music'

Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Elaine Willcox

Michael Aldag says his new EP Socialising is "basically a diary entry set to music", charting the highs and lows of life from 16 to 20 so far.

The solo artist from West Kirby, a seaside town on the Wirral says it covers: "me being drunk, me being stressed, me being suicidal, me being rejected and me being okay. It really has it all!"

"There's a lot of angst, I like to make music to overshare with everyone," he added.

His themes are relatable to his peers, from 'Okay', 'Bleak' to 'Teenage Drama'.

“My music’s for anybody who feels slightly-to-constantly overwhelmed and unsure of who they are, flailing around in this massive ridiculous world," he said.

His acoustic version of 'Okay', performed as he plays piano, lays that emotion bare in a powerful and personal song.

The lyrics in 'Bleak' paint an anguished picture of teenage life - "We all know someone who couldn't cope, I don't want to become that friend of a friend. Cause it’s all getting bleak again. It's been one of those weeks again."

'Ghosted' is a song about how social media can impact on relationships; the way people operate within modern day relationships.

With the lyrics, 'I'm not into drama because life's too short', 'And I believed that until I saw her Snapchat score'.

Michael Aldag discussing his new EP 'Socialising' at Musa's studio in Liverpool Credit: ITV Granada

For our latest Granada Introducing series, Elaine Willcox met up with Michael at Tarek Musa's studio in Liverpool.

The 21-year-old admitted his new tracks are "intensely personal which will be tough to perform each night to a live audience." But he is immensely proud of them.

He uses TikTok to keep in touch with his fans, with a following of more tha 700k, he enjoys the instant feedback, updating his followers regularly.

Michael Aldag's 'Teenage Drama' Credit: Michael Aldag

'Teenage Drama' brings humour to the challenges of 'finding your way' growing up as part of 'Gen Z' with messed up sleeping patterns to toxic relationships with an ex'.

He says growing up in West Kirby has influenced his music and his striking red hair makes him easily recognisable.

Describing his music as 'Electro, Pop and Catchy', Michael is now embarking on his own headline tour, after supporting George Ezra and one of his heroes Bastille.

"I was slack-jawed when I met them. I had some really good talks with Dan (Smith), from Bastille which is incredible, because I have listened to them since I was 11 years old."

"He was just such a nice person and generous with his advice, and I have learnt a lot from those gigs for my live performances."

"They say don't meet your heroes, but when your heroes are Dan from Bastille, then definitely do, because he's wonderful."

Michael's dream is to perform an arena tour with the ultimate performers The Killers next.

A big ambition but has the talent to do it.