Who are the candidates in the Stretford and Urmston by-election?

0505 Wigan polling station
Voters will go to the polls in the Stretford and Urmston by-election. Credit: ITV

Nine candidates are hoping to become the new MP for Stretford and Urmston.

A by-election was called after Kate Green stepped down as member of parliament to become the new deputy mayor of Greater Manchester.

Polling stations will be open across the constituency between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 15 December, 2022.

  • Who is the Labour candidate?

Andrew Western, Labour candidate

Andrew Western has been the leader of Trafford Council since 2018.

Before that he worked in project management within the engineering sector specialising in transport and infrastructure.

Andrew says: "Over a decade ago I marched to Breathe Clean Air in Davyhulme and to save services at Trafford General Hospital.

More recently, as Council Leader, I’ve worked with local residents and together we’ve saved Turn Moss, saved Flixton Fields and saved George Carnall Leisure Centre.

Our communities deserve an MP who can get things done and I have a record of delivering for our area."

  • Who is the Conservative candidate?

Emily Carter-Kandola

Emily Carter Kandola studied in Salford and lives in Manchester.

She said: “I know housing is an issue that is affecting areas up and down the country including Stretford and Urmston. "

"The rising demand and house prices in the constituency means that local residents are having to move elsewhere to get on the housing ladder. "

"I would listen to residents and work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to ensure that Places for Everyone delivers the right types of homes in the right places, blocking any inappropriate development on our Green Belt."

  • Who is the Liberal Democrat candidate?

Anna Fryer is the Lib Dem candidate

Anna Fryer is a senior mental health doctor at Trafford General Hospital. She lives in Stretford with her husband and two children.

Anna says: "As a Liberal Democrat, I am committed to us living in a country where the poorest and most vulnerable are protected and the energy giants don't profit off the misery of millions."

"Day in day out, I see the consequences of the cost of living crisis on people's mental health as an NHS psychiatrist."

"The insecurity of not knowing if you can feed your family of heat your home is having a devastating impact on people's mental and physical health."

  • Who is the Green Party Candidate?

Dan Jerrome Credit: Green Party

Dan Jerrome is councillor for Altrincham and a group leader on Trafford Council.

He said: "This by-election comes at a time of a cost of living crisis and a climate emergency. We are the only party offering positive solutions, ones that match the urgency.

“Residents tell me how let down they feel by Labour's leadership of the council, and this woeful government. People are so worried, they don’t know how they will cope in the coming years.

"They are horrified at the sleaze and corruption that seems to be embedded in the Westminster government. There is a lack of anyone providing practical solutions. That’s where the Green Party is different.

"It’s now time for an MP that steps up for Stretford and Urmston. The Green Party can lead the way in offering new options and solutions that will benefit everyone."

  • Who is the Freedom Alliance candidate?

Christina Glancy, Freedom Alliance candidate Credit: Freedom Alliance

Christina Glancy is the owner and manager of a local catering business and has lived in Stretford for the past 14 years.

Christina said: "I live in Stretford and I want the best for its people and the area. I want to ensure you get to see a GP without the need for online form filling.

We will get empty social houses repaired and let and build more social housing for resident."

  • Who is the Rejoin EU candidate?

Jim Newell Rejoin EU candidate Credit: Jim Newell

Jim Newell lives in Chorlton and used to teach politics at Salford University.

He says: "We all know how badly Brexit is going. It has brought labour shortages and the cost-of-living crisis."

"Next year, the UK economy is forecast to shrink by more than those of any of the other G7 countries. The exact opposite of what the Brexiters promised us!"

"No agenda for progressive change – to include improved living standards, climate justice, a more tolerant and open society – can succeed if we cut ourselves off from our International partners."

  • Who is the Reform UK candidate?

Paul Swansborough Reform UK candidate Credit: Paul Swansborough

Paul Swansborough lives in Urmston with his wife and two children and works as a broadcast lighting engineer.

He says: "We are calling for the Clean Air Zone to be shelved. On the doorstep peopleare furious with Labours failure to introduce a CAZ in Greater Manchester.

The total cost so far, including all the additional signage, is almost £10m tothe tax payer. This is an absolute disgrace."

  • Who is the Social Democratic Party candidate?

Julien Yvon SDP candidate

Julien Yvon lives in Trafford and is a language tutor.

He says: "The loss of industry and manufacturing has been devastating to the north of England.

That's why we'd like to see an economic policy around reindustrialisation"

  • Who is the Independent candidate?

Hazel Gibb, Independent candidate in Stretford and Urmston by-election.

Hazel Gibb lives in Stretford with her husband and has two grown up children.

She volunteers at Stretford Public Hall and a homeless shelter in Manchester.

She says: "I would like to see a better deal for Stretford. Transport needs to be improved vastly with a better service on the Liverpool Manchester line and all stations between Trafford Park and Irlam this would surely ease congestion on the A56 on match and event days and improve commuting for everyone."