Formby Animal Sanctuary close to collapse due to rise in cost of living

An animal rescue centre could face closure as more people abandon their pets due to the cost of living crisis.

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in Formby said it has seen an increasing number of people handing over their pets because they can no longer afford to look after them.

Elaine, a volunteer at the centre, said: "In the list of outgoings that people have, they're getting rid of non-essentials, and a pet becomes a non-essential.

"As much as they love it they can't afford to keep it anymore and it's not just dogs, it can be any pet."

Elaine is a volunteer at the animal rescue centre Credit: ITV Granada

Freshfields Animal Rescue centre has been in Formby for almost 50 years and sees a never ending stream of distressed animals who need its help.

It houses almost 500 animals, including cats, dogs, hedgehogs, sheep, and even a pig called Jurgen Klopp, who was found abandoned outside Anfield.

'Jurgen Kloppig' has become one of the centre's most famous residents. Credit: ITV Granada

Bosses say Freshfields is experiencing a triple crisis - with money quickly running out.

Deb Hughes, a fundraiser, said: "Donations are down, cost of bills is up, and the number of animals needing a home is up."

Like many charities, the centre relies on legacies and gifts in wills for around 30 per cent of its funding.

The centre is home to more than 400 animals Credit: ITV Granada

It also has a charity shop, and a team of dedicated fundraisers, but said it needs the help of others to see them through this critical time.

Deb added that although an animal charity might not be top of some people's list to donate to after their own bills, "anything, even if it is only a pound, will help us be here for the animals and for the community which needs us."

To find out more about Freshfields and how to donate, or adopt an animal, click here.