Gracie the labrador, rescued by another dog after falling down a 15 foot hole

The moment Gracie the labrador is sniffed out and found by Lottie after falling down a deep hole in the Peak District.

A Warrington man has joined the K9 Search and Rescue Team as a mark of his thanks, after volunteers came out in force to help him find his dog Gracie.

The black labrador became lost in bad weather during a walk in the Peak District.

Guy with Gracie Credit: Guy Beggs

Gracie spent a cold 24 hours stuck in a 4.5 metre deep hole after falling near the path on Kinder Scout.

Guy Beggs from Warrington lost sight of Gracie after she fell into the hole just near to the path they were walking on

Guy spent hours searching in cold and misty conditions before deciding to ask for help on social media. He says "I only posted on Facebook as a last resort to see if anyone had seen Gracie, but I was overwhelmed by the response."

Around 20 people braved freezing conditions to help search for Gracie the following day.

Susan Jones was one of those who answered the call and thankfully for Gracie, she brought her dog Lottie.

As part of the search they retraced the steps of Guy and Gracie and Lottie began sniffing in shrubbery near the path before finding the hole where Gracie had fallen into.

Trying to reach Gracie after she was found down a deep hole Credit: Guy Beggs

Guy and another volunteer used a makeshift rope made out of dog leads to get into the hole and bring her back to safety. "I felt complete elation when she was found, and so thankful to all the people and Lottie who came out to help"

Gracie, Lottie and the volunteers who took part in the search Credit: Guy Beggs

Guy has now joined the team of volunteers, the K9 SAR who work to bring lost dogs home and to show his appreciation he is helping to raise money for equipment for the group through a gofundme page.