Wigan woman who smuggled ketamine into prison where she worked is jailed

1101 Megan Woodham
Megan Woodham burst into tears after she was sentenced Credit: Merseyside Police

A mum from Wigan who smuggled ketamine into the prison she worked in after 'forming a relationship' with an inmate has been jailed after an investigation into drug dealing.

Megan Woodham, 30, used her job to conceal the shipments of drugs which she handed over to inmate Daniel Doran, who was serving time at HMP Risley between December 2021 and February 2022.

Doran had access to a mobile phone while behind bars and "organised the moving of cocaine from location to location" from his cell "under the noses of authorities".

Woodham was said to have "formed some sort of relationship" with Doran, and would "willingly assist him by allowing her home address to be used for the storage of parcels" of drugs.

Woodham of Ormskirk Road, Newtown, was originally arrested in February when police carried out warrants at several properties across the north west.

Those searches were sparked by a spot check on a car on Merseyside, where cocaine with a street value of £1 million was discovered.

Patrols stopped a black Volkswagen car on Heysham Road in Netherton in January 2022 and found 10kgs of cocaine.

John Butler was jailed in February 2022 Credit: Merseyside Police

John Butler, 27, from Tower Hill, Kirkby who was driving also had his phone seized, which revealed his communications with co-conspirators Daniel Doran and Kelsey Higgins.

Butler was described as having been "used to carry out criminal tasks" by Doran, which included him collecting money and transporting drugs.

Butler was jailed for eight years in February 2022 after admitting intent to supply Class A drugs.

Meghan Woodham, Daniel Doran and Kelsey Higgins all went to trial after pleading not guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs but were found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court and jailed for a total of 34 years.

Daniel Doran, Kelsey Higgins and Megan Woodham Credit: Merseyside Police

Woodham burst into tears and mouthed "I love you" to her family in the public gallery as she was jailed for six years.

In her mitigation, the court was told she had no previous convictions, and had "took the job in Risley, but became easy prey to sophisticated criminals."

Daniel Doran was sentenced to 15 years, while Kelsey Higgins was given 13 and half years.

A further defendant, Valerie Doran, 54 years, of Hall Lane, Tower Hill in Kirkby, was found guilty on 15 December for money laundering.

She is due to be sentenced on Friday 20 January.

Detective Sergeant Peter Sloan said: "Organised crime is hugely damaging to our communities, often involving intimidation, violence and creating fear and it is these criminals who run County Lines.

"Criminals involved in organised crime have no thought for anyone other than themselves, and their criminal intent and greed.

"I would ask anyone who has any information about who is supplying or selling drugs in their area to contact us so we can take action.”