Moreton woman gets massive thank you from local bus drivers after years of gifts

Anne said she was “stunned” and “humbled” by the reception she received from the bus drivers. Credit: Liverpool Echo

A woman who has spent years thanking bus drivers has been left "stunned" after they clubbed together to thank her for her generosity.

Anne Gillett, 69, began giving bus drivers chocolate coins 10 years ago after taking the 413 bus from Moreton, in Merseyside, everyday.

During the pandemic she increased the gifts, handing them 'care packages' filled with chocolate bars, drinks, tissues, and anti-bacterial wipes.

And, after the decade of gifts, the drivers decided to surprise Anne, by thanking her instead.

Anne was invited to the Arriva depot on Laird Street in Birkenhead where she was given flowers and a card containing some money collected by the drivers and a bus even had the message, “Thank you Anne” on the front. 

A bus even had the message, “Thank you Anne” on the front. Credit: Liverpool Echo

The collection was organised by Mark Anthony, who said “She would walk on with a big smile and say ‘that’s for you’... it was constant throughout covid and she’s still doing it today.

"It’s very, very, very generous.

"She’s a lovely lady, when she gets on the bus she’s smiling, when she gets off the bus she’s smiling, she’s just a lovely passenger to have.”

Mark, 48, from Birkenhead, said the drivers felt they had to give something back to Anne after all of the generosity from her.

Him and the other drivers quickly filled up a Celebrations tub full of donations. 

"I said we should chip in for a bunch of flowers or something like that, but it just went crazy. There were about 90 odd comments with people saying ‘I’ll throw in’,” he said. 

"We had a Celebrations tub in the hall where we clock on and it’s nearly full. We’ve got together £200 for her, that’s how much she’s appreciated.

"We did worry if we gave her the cash, she’d just spend it on us and keep on with what she’s been doing. But we just wanted to say ‘thank you very much for what you’ve done’".

Anne said she was “stunned” and “humbled” by the reception she received from the bus drivers. 

She said: “It began as a little bit of a joke, I would give the drivers chocolate coins then it moved up to chocolate bars. But once the pandemic hit, I thought wipes would be useful.

"They do a really amazing job in difficult circumstances. Every time someone gets on a bus, their lives are in the driver’s hands and that’s a tremendous responsibility.

"I’m overwhelmed and very humbled that these good people would think of doing something for me.

"All the drivers have been so good to me - they have a very difficult job to do and this is so kind of them, I’m really humbled."