Everton fans to stage sit-in protest after Southhampton game at Goodison Park

 Everton ground and flag
Credit: PA images

A sit-in protest by Everton fans unhappy with the club's ownership and board will take place at Goodison park after the team's game against Southampton.

It comes after the club have failed to win a game since 22 October 2022 and are currently sitting in the Premier League relegation zone, having been knocked out of the FA and Carabao Cup competitions.

Everton season-ticket holder Paul Gaffney is attending the protest and told ITV News how frustrated the fans are with the club's board and owner.

'We think the club has been poorly run, administration-wise": Everton fan Paul Gaffney.

A coalition of fan groups are working together as part of the 'All Together Now' campaign to urge owner Farhad Moshiri to acknowledge their concerns about the direction of the club.

A statement released on the website of the NSNOW fan group reads: "The campaign calls on Farhad Moshiri to make sweeping changes at Chair, board and executive levels.

"It demands he brings in competent, experienced professionals who can reverse the club's decline and make the necessary changes to make Everton competitive once more".

Farhad Moshiri Credit: PA Images

In a letter to fans this week, ahead of Saturday's protest, owner Farhad Moshiri said he understood the fans' concerns.

He said: "In almost seven years since my arrival at the Club, I have significantly increased my investment and our new stadium has become reality.

"We regularly review our performance and initiate change where we feel that the Club falls short of standard.

"This has meant that we have seen turnover in managers, Directors of Football and several board members, but always as we have striven to achieve success.

"Whilst, in virtually every instance, change has been supported and encouraged by fans, stability must be the key to progression.

"I have faith in the work being done not only by our manager, but our Director of Football and our board of directors.

"I am confident that we have skilled, experienced and focused professionals at all levels of the Club.

"We are all agreed that our current league position must and will improve".