Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham hoping to raise council tax to increase police funding

Andy Burnham is asking for £10 more a year from Band A groups, which makeup the majority of Greater Manchester. Credit: PA images

The Mayor of Greater Manchester is asking for an increase in council tax to get more funding for the police force amidst a cost of living crisis.

Andy Burnham is asking for £10 more a year from Band A groups, which make up the majority of the region.

Policing priorities for the next financial year are funded partly through a grant from central government and partly through the precept - the money received from council tax for different sectors, including policing.

Between 2011 and 2019, the city region saw their funding cut by £215 million which meant 2,000 fewer police officers and 1,000 fewer support staff.

Since 2017, asking the public to fund an increase in the police precept has helped Greater Manchester Police (GMP) recruit 1,253 more police officers, say the region's combined authority.

This proposed rise in council tax comes months after the force was lifted from special measures, following a report in late 2020 in which inspectors identified serious failings, but GMP have said that in the last financial year there have been significant improvements.

The increase would provide GMP with a further £13.7 million from council tax alone.

Andy Burnham said: “What I’m asking local council taxpayers to do here is going to be tough amidst a cost of living crisis. 

“It’s not something I want to do but it is the only way we can afford the quality of police service we need to keep us safe…keeping the public of Greater Manchester safe is my priority and it is vital that GMP have the resources they need to do that.”

He hopes that increased funding will allow the creation of Neighbourhood Crime Teams to tackle and investigate burglary, robbery and vehicle crime, and respond to 101 and 999 calls faster and investigate crimes quicker.

The public can respond to the police precept consultation at by Wednesday 25 January 2023.