Johnny Vegas thanks Crosby Beach for 'taking his worries away'

1701 Johnny Vegas
Johnny Vegas posted on Twitter Credit: Twitter: @JohnnyVegasReal

St Helens born comedian Johnny Vegas has thanked Crosby beach for "taking his worries away."

He posted two photos on Twitter on Sunday 15 January with the words:

"So the tide came in and said 'Hey soft lad, give us all those worries over everything and nothing and I'll take em back out with me'.

"As ever, thank you Crosby. It's been a busy day for a big daft busy head but all grand now."

Johnny was inundated with hundreds of supportive messages, with some people calling Crosby beach their 'happy pace'.

One woman tweeted to say she had seen Johnny there and wanted to shake his hand, but left him alone.

Johnny replied saying "maybe my resting face scared you away. Next time?"

Johnny replied to many tweets Credit: Twitter: Johnny Vegas

One follower posted: "I regularly do the same thing x"

Another posted to say: "That’s where I’m having my ashes scattered, hopefully a while away yet."

And another posted: "That's what it's for. I go every week with my dad and it takes away all the stresses for the week ready to go again."

Some people even posted their own photos of the Merseyside beach with Antony Gormley's iconic iron men statues.

Johnny thanked everyone for their messages, saying he would reply to each and every one "as and when he can" and also said: "Here's to our special spaces of beauty, release & soulful repose."

Earlier in January 2023, Johnny opened up about being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

He said he found out about the diagnosis before Christmas, which affects behaviour and concentration, and result in restlessness and acting on impulse.

Johnny added the diagnosis "answers a lot of questions about behavioural issues" he has had.