'From Bond to Burnley', Netflix releases film on Bank of Dave

Video report by Granada Reports Entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore

A movie of the life story of a Burnley entrepreneur, who took on the finance industry to open his own community-based lender has been released on Netflix.

Dave Fishwick started Burnley Savings and Loans, also known as the 'Bank of Dave,' after railing against many banks in the wake of the 2007 financial crisis.

Starring Rory Kinnear, and written by Mission Impossible screenwriter Piers Ashworth, the film details Dave's life starting Burnley Savings and Loans.

Rory Kinnear plays Dave Fishwick Credit: Netflix

Dave said: "I can't believe Rory Kinnear, from Bond fame is going to play me in this movie. From Bond to Burnley. He looks more like me than I do!"

Rory Kinnear met Dave many times and the movie was filmed in Dave's own house which helped Rory get into character and recreate his Burnley dialect.

Rory said: "I always want to do the person proud if I'm playing someone who is still alive.

"You're imitating them and you know you may offend them but you have to do them justice.

"Dave isn't someone you can say no to - thats why he's been so successful. I wasn't going to be the first person to say no to him."

He laughs: "In fact you can hear his dulcet tones from over here."

Parts of the film were shot in Dave's own home Credit: Netflix

Oldham actress Jo Hartley, best known for starring in Afterlife, plays Dave's wife Nicola.

Jo said: "Behind every successful man is always a great woman and I wanted to make sure we told her story too. I'm from Oldham and used to live in Burnley. I love the town. It's like I've gone full circle."

Dave is a self made millionaire and despite his wealth and recent fame he still manages to keep down to earth.

"That's down to my wife Nicola you see", he explains, "I come back from London after going to these fancy events and meeting all kinds of people and she says to me 'never mind all that, do you want corned beef hash or cottage pie for your tea!'"

And which one would he pick? "Cottage pie every time", Dave says.

The film is out now for those subscribed to the streaming service.

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