Six-year-old Liverpool fan with incurable brain tumour dreams of meeting hero Mo Salah

Jayden Lamerton, six, has been given just 12 months to live. Credit: Jamie Lamerton

A young boy who has been given around one year to live is hoping to become a mascot for Liverpool at their home game against Chelsea on Saturday, 21 January.

Jayden Lamerton, six, was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma after an MRI scan earlier this month showed a "lump" in his brain.

His family were told he only had 12 months to live.

Now, the "beautiful, funny and cheeky" young football fan's family are doing everything they can to help his dreams come true and set up a fundraiser, which has raised over £55,000 so far.

Jayden, who lives in Plymouth, will be taking his first ever trip to Anfield on Saturday 21 January, and it would "literally be his dreams come true" to walk out onto the pitch with his idols.

Jayden is a Liverpool FC fan. Credit: Jamie Lamerton

Jayden's aunt Lucy Rhian Dawson said: "Jayden has always supported Liverpool, he’s absolutely mad for them. He loves to play football. It’s his first ever time to Anfield on Saturday.

"His favourite player is Salah and it would honestly mean the world to him, it would literally be his dream come true."

On the fundraiser, Jayden's mum Chelsea Edmonds wrote: "Jayden will receive radiotherapy, starting in around two weeks time. This will be in Bristol every day for four to six weeks, to prolong his wellness and give him as much time as possible.

"As a family, we are beyond devastated, angry and heartbroken. You never think it will be you until it is.

"We are now asking for help financially. For help with travel, petrol and hotel costs. Also to support us financially whilst we will all be taking time off work to go to the treatment.

"But also, to help us create memories as a family. No family should experience this, there is so much we need and want to do, and we want to do as much as we can in our short time left. We want to make his dreams come true and make this last short space of time bearable for all involved, creating memories that will last forever."

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