Clowning around is a serious business - behind the scenes of the Blackpool Tower Circus

Mooky, the clown at Blackpool's world famous Tower Circus takes comedy very seriously!

He leaves nothing to chance and even makes all his own props for the circus show. The latest are 3 smoke-breathing dragons which will be for the show's grand finale.

A dragon made by Mooky the clown for his shows at Blackpool Tower Circus Credit: ITV

Mooky, aka Laci Endresz Jr first performed on stage aged just four, and has been entertaining audiences at Blackpool Tower Circus since 1992. He comes from 3 generations of clowns, and says the secret is get audiences on your side..and quickly.

"When they say that being an entertainer, a stand-up comedian, a clown, a singer, it's all about getting the audience in the first five minutes, it's actually not true. You've got 30 seconds."

Mooky the clown finishing off one of his homemade props Credit: ITV

The circus begins another season on February 9th, and Mooky and Mr Boo promise to be on good form..although a routine didn't quite work out with me and Mooky!