Peter Reid calls for unity but says fans are entitled to boo 'unacceptable' Everton

  • Report by ITV Granada Sports Correspondent Chris Hall

Former Everton midfielder Peter Reid has called on fans to come together for the good of club, to help the team fight off relegation.

However the 66-year-old told ITV News fans have the right to boo if players don't perform.

Frank Lampard's side sit 19th in the Premier League, just one spot off the bottom of the table.

Last weekend saw Everton's directors stay away from Goodison Park for the club's game against Southampton over safety concerns.

Credit: ITV Granada

Peter Reid, who made more than a 150 appearances for Everton called for unity at his former club.

"Everton's position at the moment is unacceptable to supporters. I can understand the frustration, the disappointment, anger."

"I think the support was a major part in Everton staying up last season. But, there's a fracture in the club at the moment and we need to get together. Somehow we need to get together."

Everton travel to West Ham at the weekend, with both managers under pressure.

Fans staged a sit-in protest after their defeat by Southampton Credit: PA IMAGES

Last week's game against Southampton, which Everton lost, was overshadowed by protests from supporters at the final whistle. Outside the ground, videos emerged of players being stopped and confronted by angry fans.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference on Thursday, Frank Lampard told reporters he can understand why tensions amongst supporters are running so high.

"Of course we don't want fans going up to players. I think it's a small minority that have spoken to the players. We don't want that, and I'd love to not see that again. But I also understand the passion of fans and what they want, and the players have to understand when they're working in this industry that sometimes they have to take some things."

Frank Lampard spoke to the media ahead of Everton's game at West Ham Credit: ITV News

However more protests against the club's ownership and board of directors are expected when league leaders Arsenal arrive at Goodison Park on February 4th.

Reid says he understands the anger amongst supporters.

"I understand demonstrating, because thats a right. But let's do it in the right way. I think some of it has been overhyped in the media, I'm not blaming anyone, but the fans have got to get on board."

"We've got to get it together and somehow get results on the football pitch, back the manager, back the players."

"If you want to boo you pay your money to boo, it isn't a problem if they're not doing the business. But leave it at that. Try and get behind them when the referee blows his whistle for the start, until the end of the game. And by the way, I've been at games and got frustrated and aired my views as well, so we're all human beings."