Sister of murdered Blackpool schoolgirl says her killer should be in prison 'until he dies'

Video report by Granada Reports journalist Emma Sweeney

The sister of a teenager who was brutally murdered in a hotel is campaigning for her killer to be "locked up forever".

Sasha Marsden was raped and stabbed to death by David Minto who had lured her to the Grafton House Hotel in Blackpool with the false promise of a job in 2013.

It is thought he carried out the acts after the teenager rejected his sexual advances.

Although Minto was jailed for life for a minimum of 35 years, Sasha's sister Katie Brett says she believes he should be in prison for the whole of his life.

She says this is because he could still live a fulfilling life when he is released and because of his actions, her family's sadness will never end.

Katie Brett (left) and Sasha Marsden (right) Credit: ITV Granada / Family handout

Katie said: "He will be 57 when he gets out, we believe he will kill someone again. He's got no remorse and was not sorry in court.

"He took selfies on his phone while Sasha's body was there.

"I felt at the time and I'm still really angry and nothing comes close to how angry that makes me feel.

"I can feel it to the tips of my fingers that he felt he had the right to do that to my sister."

The family will hold protests on the 10 year anniversary of her death on 31 January at Bolton Town Hall and in Blackpool.

Katie and her son looking for Auntie Sasha's special cloud Credit: ITV Granada

Katie says she talks to her children about their aunt Sasha, and they make birthday cards for her at nursery.

She added: "It's really important my kids know who she is because she'll always be an important part of my life.

"I want my children to fight for Sasha. David Minto is not coming out, he can stay in that jail until he dies."

Video of Emma with Gamal and Elaine in studio discussing the reaction to the family's campaign

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary said they do not comment on individual cases.

By law, a sentence can only be appealed within 28 days of it being handed down by a court.

Sasha's family say they were still too consumed by their shock to consider that - and that there should be more time for sentences to be reviewed.

The teenager's family have now started a petition to remove the 28-day time limit.

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