Man kidnapped and shot by gang in Halewood demanding ransom after relative won £50,000

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Jacob Clough-Massey was abandoned at the scene near to Halewood Waste Transfer Station. Credit: MEN Media

A man was kidnapped, shot by a gang and then held at ransom after his relative won a £50,000 jackpot.

Jacob Clough-Massey was taken at gunpoint by the masked men and held for hours against his will before being shot in the leg and abandoned on a secluded country lane.

During the ordeal, the offenders, Carl MacDowall, Carlton Mullen and Kieran Kristensen, made repeated phone calls to Mr Clough-Massey's cousin, James Clough, for a ransom fee.

A month earlier he had won £50,000 in a Facebook competition which "everybody knew about", Liverpool Crown Court was told.

Carl MacDowall (left), Carlton Mullen (middle) and Kieran Kristensen (right) Credit: MEN Media

Daniel Travers, prosecuting, told the court heard Mr Clough-Massey was taken at gunpoint from his flat on Lakenheath Road in Halewood at around 5pm on 15 December 2020.

He was then repeatedly punched in the face at his front door before a shotgun was jabbed into his chest by his attackers, all 23-years-old.

Mr Clough-Massey was then dragged into his own car and driven around for around an hour-and-a-half while the attack happened, leaving him "dazed" and with blood pouring from his nose.

After failing to get the cash, he was shot in the leg and abandoned on a dark and isolated country lane near to Halewood Waste Transfer Station.

Mr Clough-Massey described hearing a "big bang" and "feeling a sensation in his leg", which then went numb.

Despite the gunshot wound to his thigh, he was able to crawl towards the road and get help from a passing motorist who called 999.

Due to the incident Mr Clough-Massey now uses a walking stick, having been left with permanent nerve damage.

The trio were "grinning and laughing" as they were sentenced in court.

Mr Clough-Massey said he continues to suffer from flashbacks to the terrifying incident. Credit: MEN Media

They were found guilty of kidnapping, wounding with intent and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence by a jury.MacDowall and Mullen previously admitted possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply. Both were handed 20 years plus an extended three-year licence period.Kristensen was jailed for 16 years and given an additional three years on licence. It will be served consecutively to his current term.

Sentencing, Judge Trevor Jones, said: "You hatched a plan to kidnap Jacob Clough-Massey and demand a ransom of some £5,000 for his return.

"You took a shotgun with you and it was loaded."You attacked him. You struck him and forced him into his own car. You continued to assault him.

"From beginning to end, he was held at gunpoint. There was sustained violence. In the event, you failed to persuade the family to pay up."Your patience ran out. You shot him in the thigh before leaving him at the entrance to the water treatment works, a secluded location, in darkness."Whatever the motivation to shoot him, you had given up attempting to secure any ransom. Unless shooting him was entirely gratuitous, it must have been intended to deter any reporting of the offences."You all agreed Jacob Clough-Massey should be shot if necessary. Initially, he was then abandoned to his fate."Fortunately, still in that condition, he crawled along the road and was spotted by a passing motorist. None of you have shown any element of remorse for your actions and you have each maintained your innocence to the end."