Poorly puppies 'dumped with children in playground' after man abandoned them in Manchester

The puppies were around six weeks old and too young to be away from their mums. Credit: RSPCA

Three poorly puppies have died after a man dumped them out of his car and drove away after asking children at a park if they wanted them.

It is believed the group of children were playing on a field near Hall Lane, in Farnworth, Greater Manchester when the man in a blue car pulled up and dumped the dogs.

The puppies - a lurcher and two Chihuahuas - were all aged around six weeks old and too young to be away from their mums, animal charity the RSPCA said.

It is believed they may have been from unwanted breeding litters.

RSPCA inspector Beth Fazackerley collected the puppies and took them to the charity's Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

But, all three later died due to their poor condition.

Beth said: “Very sadly, one of the Chihuahua puppies was very weak and wasn’t able to lift up their head.

"They were so poorly that I was concerned they might die on the way to the animal hospital.

She added: "As soon as a vet saw the puppy they said that they were not in a good way and the sad decision was made to put the puppy to sleep to end their suffering.

“Sadly, the other two puppies also deteriorated even with urgent treatment. It turned out they had parvovirus and we are heartbroken that they also passed away.”

The RSPCA is working to highlight the link between organised crime and the dog trade as some traders make millions of pounds selling dogs. Credit: PA Images

The RSPCA is now appealing for any information following the incident and have reminded people buying a puppy to use the RSPCA-backed Puppy Contract.

Beth said: “It is very concerning that these three puppies - who were all far too young to be away from their mums - were dumped like this.

"It may be that they have come from someone who is breeding different litters and these puppies were thought to be ‘unsellable’ because they weren’t in the best health."

She concluded: “Whatever the situation, it is unacceptable for any animal to be abandoned."

The RSPCA is urging anyone who has any information to contact our appeals line in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

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