Search of Oldham mill where human remains found after fire ends after six months

Emergency services at Bismark House Mill in Oldham after the remains were discovered by demolition workers following a fire Credit: Press Association

The search of a mill where the remains of four Vietnamese men were discovered after a fire has concluded, police say.

Specialist teams combed through Bismark House Mill in Oldham following the blaze more six months ago, on 7 May 2022.

Partial remains of four victims were recovered by the team after demolition workers made an initial discovery on Saturday 23 July 2022.

Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Uoc Van Nguyen, Cuong Van Chu, Duong Van Nguyen and Nam Thanh Lee were formally identified using DNA samples from family members in Vietnam.  

Greater Manchester Police detectives say the criminal investigation remains open, with two people previously arrested still on bail.

Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes, GMP’s Disaster Victim Identification lead, said: “During almost six month of searching, we have sifted over 4500 tonnes of rubble in order to recover substantial remains of the four victims.

"The search has been comprehensive and we are now satisfied that there is no realistic prospect of recovering any further human remains or objects of significance from the site.  

"This was a really important piece of work, not just for criminal proceedings, but for the families in Vietnam who have been left devastated by the deaths of their loved ones and desperately want to be reunited with their remains and, in some cases, sentimental items.

There's speculation the men from Vietnam may have been the victims of human trafficking Credit: ITV Granada Reports

“Though the search has now concluded and our presence at Bismark House has now come to an end, Operation Logan is ongoing.

"Our team is continuing to work with the family liaison officers and relevant partner agencies to make arrangements to return the four victims to their native Vietnam.

"Meanwhile, our criminal investigation team is still following lines of enquiry to ensure any offences are identified and those responsible are brought to justice."