Why mothers and daughters are joining the search to find missing mum Nicola Bulley

  • Victoria Barry and her daughter Tori-Mae spoke to Granada Reports on Sunday

A mother and daughter from Lancaster have joined many others in the search for missing Nicola Bulley in Lancashire.

Victoria Barry and her daughter Tori-Mae, who are from Lancaster, travelled to St Michael's on Wyre this weekend to join the search.

Nicola hasn't been seen since Friday 27th January when she was walking her dog by the River Wyre.

Nicola has been missing for more than a week

Speaking from the riverside on Sunday, Victoria said: "I am a mum myself, I've got two daughters who are similar ages to Nicola's daughters. I just hate the thought of me not being around, and I just want to make sure those little girls find their mum."

Her daughter Tori-Mae added: "It's just hard to believe. We've just come here today to get an insight into what's going on. I can't imagine how the family are feeling.. the children.. it's just heartbreaking."

The pair joined other walkers around the village on Sunday to look for any traces of the missing 45-year-old.

Andrea Bradley and David Barker also joined the search.

The pair from Garstang thought they may be able to help.

David said: "A different day at the river. It is tidal and the water does move. What you couldn't see yesterday, you can see today and things change."

Andrea spoke of her sadness for Nicola's family "It's very very sad and we just feel like it's the least we could do.. a fresh pair of eyes."