Liverpool Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham backs use of hydrogen in homes across the North West

  • A video report by Granada Reports Merseyside Correspondent Andy Bonner

Liverpool's Metro Mayor has backed the use of hydrogen in homes saying the experiment "has to start somewhere".

However, some homeowners in Ellesmere Port in Whitby are heavily against a new proposal to test the use of hydrogen in the area, due to fears over cost and safety.

Liverpool Metro Mayor, Steve Rotherham, said: "There are some legitimate concerns because I went over to Whitby myself to have a look around.

"Whilst I genuinely understand that those people may well have some issues, we have to start this experiment, if you like, of hydrogen somewhere."

He added: "There's a climate emergency, and everybody at some stage is going to have to do their bit."

Ellesmere Port Credit: ITV News

The scheme would see natural gas, cooking and heating being replaced by green hydrogen.

A recent conference championed how its use could attract thousands of jobs to the North West of England by decarbonising industry and help get the UK to net zero.

John Egan HyNet Industry Decarbonisation Project said: "The climate crisis is real. This is not something in the future.

"This is happening to us now. And it is only going to get worse Only going to see more and more of those severe events.

"So we need to be stopping the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere now. And we've got the chance here in the north west to set the example to the world, have to do this."

Credit: ITV News

In Whitby, residents part of the 'Stop Hydrogen Trial' campaign want a vote to show who does, or doesn't, want the trial to go ahead.

One resident said: "We all agree we've got to save this planet. But what we disagree with is we are the guinea pigs."

Another resident said: "Professionals have said it's not suitable for domestic use. Highly explosive, corrodes metal and pipes so it's not suitable."

A third resident said: "The more I've looked into it, the more the independent evidence says this is never going to be an answer to our energy situation moving forward."

A final said: "It's awful. Anyone that's not impacted cannot truly understand or say how this is impacting people's health These are people's lives and people's private homes are being imposed upon because of a government scheme."

Stop Hydrogen Trial campaign group. Credit: ITV News

However, Helen Boyle who is part of the Cadent/Whitby Hydroben Village Programme said it is not a "trial for safety".

She said: "So this isn't about safety of hydrogen that's already been proven in the Hy4Heat work."

"This is about under standing the role that hydrogen can play in the existing gas network and in terms of costs at the end of the trial.

"Any reversal back to natural gas will be fully funded as part of the project."

In the next few weeks, Liverpool's first hydrogen buses hit the streets.

But the route to get hydrogen in our homes may yet have a bumpy road ahead.