Could there be a Viking boat buried underneath a Wirral pub carpark?

Video Report by Rob Jaskowski

An archaeological dig is underway on the Wirral to see if a Viking boat is underneath a pub car park.

It has long been thought that a Nordic boat is buried underneath the Railway Inn in Meols. Remains were supposedly found by workmen digging the foundations of the pub back in 1938.

The archaeologists will work alongside the pub owners, Greene King to find what lies beneath.

80 years ago when the pub was built, workers made a discovery which is thought could be a Viking boat

Dominga Dett, Chair of Wirral Archaeology said: "There has been intense local interest in this buried object for many years.

"It has been thought that the boat dates from the Biking era but no professional investigation has ever been carried out to establish the truth, so everyone is really delighted at the prospect of what we might discover."

Archaeological workers have begun digging at the site to see if they can uncover a Viking ship Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Lisa Jones, General Manager at The Railway, said: "Team Railway is very happy to be part of this historic moment and supports the work of the archelogy group.

"There is a buzz and excitement around this and we look forward to finding out more about what is buried beneath the car park.

"Like everyone around here, we all want to identify just what is there and if it really does date back to Viking times."

An information point has been set up in the Railway for those interested in the project.

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