Lucy Letby trial hears she told colleague she 'wanted to cry' after baby collapsed

Lucy Letby denies all charges against her. Credit: SWNS

The trial of murder-accused nurse Lucy Letby has heard she told a colleague she "wanted to cry" after a baby in her care collapsed.

Letby is accused of attempting three times to kill, Child N, at the Countess of Chester Hospital's neonatal unit.

The prosecution allege Letby, 33, made her first attempt on June 3 2016, hours after exchanging messages with a friend who teased her for being "flirty" with a doctor.

On 15 June - when she is alleged to have made two more bids to murder Child N - she swapped Facebook messages with the same doctor, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, the court heard.

Countess of Chester Hospital. Credit: PA images

Manchester Crown Court heard that the registrar, who was working nights, messaged Letby: "Only a few hours to go and it's holiday time - do you think you'll manage to hand over quickly?

At about 5.25pm Letby replied: "I'll still be here. He's (Child N) poorly, bled again and became apnoeic.

"Sat having a quiet moment and want to cry. Just mad with so many people and lack of space etc."

The doctor said: "Oh Lucy, poor little thing and you.

"Are you OK? Have a cry, you'll feel better for it I'm sure. You're welcome to take my car home if you're too tired to walk. I sort out picking it up in the morning.

"So sorry you've had a rubbish day at the end of your long run - holiday well and truly deserved."

Letby responded: " I'm OK just feel like I've been running around all day and not really achieved anything positive for him.

"Don't want to cry in front of people here, maybe when I'm home! That's very kind re the (car) but should be OK. Have you managed to switch off at all and sleep?"

The doctor messaged: "No not really. Your day sounds as though as it's been horrible. Poor you. Are you going to be OK?

"I'm sure he's had the best care possible today and that you will have done everything you can for him.

"Are you doing anything nice before you go on holiday? You're not having to do a long run of shifts to get the time off for that are you?"

Letby said: "No off for nearly 2 weeks!"

The doctor replied: "Oh what an end to a rubbish day. I haven't been back to Torbay for a few years .. I'm always surprised how little it changes when I go back. Happy memories.

"I used to love Cockington in the summer - it always looked so pretty when the flowers were out. Have you handed over yet?" He added: "Look on the top shelf. Right hand side. For the walk home. Your still welcome to the car."

Letby replied: "Cockington is gorgeous!! We always go there for afternoon tea. Dad was offered a job in Paignton many moons ago, could have been a very different childhood growing up by the sea. Looking forward to going back.

"Hope little man is OK and your night isn't too stressful. On the home straight now at least.

"You are a sweetie (name of doctor), thank you."

The doctor messaged: "Chocolate makes bad days a little better. Hope you liked it."

Letby said: "That's true. Just a shame I don't usually eat chocolate ... but on this occasion ..."

The doctor replied: "It was well deserved today. Are you OK?

Letby said: "Yes thank you . Just glad he's (Child N) OK.

"Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight and can enjoy getting ready for hols. Are you OK?"

The doctor said: "He's just left the building. I'd be surprised if you didnt sleep well after so many long days zzz."

Letby said: "Glad he got off safely."

The doctor replied: "My night is complete! Just been handed a 3-week-old for a cuddle, who am I to refuse!!"

Letby messaged: "Aww baby cuddles make everything seem better."

Letby, originally from Hereford, is said to have attempted to murder Child N shortly after she arrived for her day shift on the morning of June 15 and later at about 3pm.

She denies the murders of seven babies and the attempted murders of 10 others between June 2015 and June 2016.

The trial continues.