Meet the singer, deaf in one ear, who is taking accessible opera into schools

Video report by ITV correspondent Ann O'Connor

A soprano, who is profoundly deaf in one ear, is taking opera into schools to help children learn about the deaf community.

Charlotte Hoather, from Winsford, came up with her accessible version of Alice in Wonderland when she could not perform during lockdown.

Charlotte wants children to know there is no barrier to talent or fun.

The show, which also allows youngsters to learn British Sign Language, was performed to pupils at a primary school in Charlotte's hometown.

"It's nice for them to understand more about the deaf community," she said, "and see that anybody can be creative and anyone can be part of the community."

The opera show includes an opportunity for pupils to learn sign language.

The cast includes Zoe McWhinney, who was born deaf. Pupils at Winsford High Street Primary were able to ask her questions through a sign language interpreter.

Zoe said it is about "making things normal.

"Deaf people are just normal, rather than something to be afraid, ashamed or embarrassed by."

Zoe answered youngsters' questions in sign language.

Natalie Tomlinson, from the Winsford Education Partnership, said: "There was real learning that took place today.

"You could see that in the dynamics of the music, you could see that in their engagement and the way the children were really put at ease.

"It was just an amazing opportunity for them."

The show is now going on tour, visiting school halls and classrooms across the country.

The music for the show was written by ZOLLINO and the libretto adapted by Charlotte Hoather.