UK Eurovision entry Mae Muller : ‘Scousers know how to party’

The UK’s Eurovision entry says that she is excited to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mae Muller was announced as Britain’s entry on Thursday 9 March.

The 25-year-old from London will be entering with ‘I wrote a song’, which she put together in only a day.

“The song was done after one day, but then I went back four or five times to get that spoken word, middle eight part, because that wasn’t originally in the song.

“When I found out about Eurovision, I had my Eurovision hat on and I thought that would be a really nice moment to kind of make it a bit intimate and speak directly to everyone watching,” she said.

Mae’s entry song has amassed over one million views in seven days, and she says she is happy with the reaction that it has had.

“Honestly, it has been so positive and when I write music it is personal, but obviously you want other people to relate to it and like it and I think I have seen people just really having fun with it which is really nice to see,” she explained.

Mae has been playing music since she was a child and being a Eurovision entry is a dream come true.

“I have always loved music.  I have always been a huge fan of just the way it works.

“I have grown up listening to Lily Allen and Florence and the Machine and all these amazing women. It has always been something that I have kind of dreamed of being able to do.”

Mae is among 15 women performing at the contest at Liverpool Arena, which is more than half of all the entries.

But unlike the others, she has played the venue before when touring with British girl band Little Mix in 2019.

“Scousers know how to party. I like it a lot.

“I love performing, I love touring. It is my favourite thing and I love it when an audience gives it back a little bit and you can interact and have fun so that’s always been a really really huge part of what I do in a way. 

“So for it to be in Liverpool, I feel like they are gonna give me the energy for sure.”

The contest is known for its showmanship, with performers learning intricate dance routines and wearing amazing outfits.

“If there is a time to really go for it, now is the time.

“It is really nice because I feel like Eurovision is a chance for everyone to be as creative as they want. 

“They can just get up there and be 100% themselves and I feel like everyone just has room to really go for it, so that is what I am really excited for. I don't think you are gonna be disappointed.”

The UK’s Sam Ryder came second in 2022, but Mae says she is trying her best to avoid feeling the pressure.

“I have got to back myself. I think we have got a great song and I think it is a really exciting year. 

“But also there are so many amazing artists this year, there are so many power pop girlies.

“I also just think the talent this year is crazy so I think each and everyone of them are deserving. But I am gonna give it my best shot.”

Liverpool will host the contest with a whole week of events planned.

Liverpool are hosting the contest in proxy for Ukraine who have been unable to because of the war currently happening. 

The city will welcome over one hundred thousand people and over one hundred and sixty million are expected to watch. 

Mae’s grandfather also fled persecution, coming to the UK from Germany when he was just 12.

“I think just knowing what he had to overcome and what people are still having to overcome all around the world and now especially in Ukraine. 

“So I think it is so important , of course that we are all over the moon and we are excited that we are hosting it here, but it is on behalf of Ukraine, it is their party and it is their night and I think they need to feel celebrated.

“I am gonna go up there, concentrate on the music and having a good time and then hopefully that will kinda radiate and everyone else can have a good time too.”

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place from Tuesday May 9 2023 to Saturday May 13 2023 at the Liverpool Arena.

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