Manchester Arena attack officer who had stroke 18 months ago needs house adapting to return home

Video report by Granada Reports Zoe Muldoon

A police officer who went from fighting crime to fighting for his life, is desperate to go home to his family after spending 18 months in hospital.

Darren White, 40, an officer with Greater Manchester Police, had a severe stroke which has left him with paralysed on one side and with some cognitive impairment.

He has spent almost a year and a half at a neuro-rehabilitation unit in Liverpool and needs major house adaptations in order to build his life back at home in Wigan.

Darren has been living at a neurological rehab unit for the past 18 months. Credit: ITV News

Darren said: "It would mean the world to me to be able to go home.

"To be back with my family, see the girls every day, get cuddles from them every would be amazing."

Darren's wife Jo said she never realised how severe strokes could be, and she thought they only affected people much older than Darren.

The family home needs an extension so that Darren can have living space for his wheelchair, but the maximum disability grant from the local authority only covers a fraction of the costs quoted by contractors.

The family want Darren to continue his recovery at home. Credit: ITV News

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family raise the money needed for the house adaptations.

Darren's daughter's Abbie and Lola are desperate for their daddy to come home.

Abbie said: "It would mean the world, I'd love to have him home again.

Lola said: "It would be just...amazing.

"I just love him to pieces and I just want to have him home so I can have snuggles in bed with him."

Darren has served 20 years with Greater Manchester Police. He was one of the first GMP officers on the scene after the Manchester Arena attack.

Darren (left) on the scene of the Manchester Arena bombing. Credit: ITV News

ITV News Granada Reports caught Darren on camera, attending the scene of the bombing, just moments after the blast.

He is still traumatised by memories of the night.

Darren was able to spend a few precious hours at home a few weeks ago, to watch the League Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle United.

The football result wasn't what the Geordie had hoped for, but spending time at home with his family and friends was priceless.

Darren had a few precious hours at home to watch the football. Credit: Family photograph

Darren said: "I felt like I had a bit of normality in my life again.

Newcastle let me down again...obviously! But being at home was brilliant, laughing and joking with my friends. I felt like my old self."

Darren has started to build his life again, but now he is hopeful for the next stage, to be back at home with his girls for good.

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