Oil protestors try to disrupt traffic in Lancaster

Protestors in Lancaster this weekend Credit: Joshua Brandwood

A group of protestors have tried to bring traffic to stand still in Lancaster city centre by conducting a slow march.

It's part of a series of recent demonstrations which have already been held in Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield against the government's policy on fossil fuels.

Oil protestors attempt to stop a bus bound for Heysham Credit: Joshua Brandwood

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police says the force was aware disruption to traffic on Saturday but all vehicles are now moving freely through Lancaster.

Congestion through Lancaster's one way system Credit: Joshua Brandwood

Fiona who was at the demonstration said:

"Lancaster people like people all over the UK just got through a hellish winter with sky-high heating bills & food bills.

"Meanwhile our government is investing tax payers money our money in fossil fuels - 236 million quid a week subsidising an industry thats rolling in money whilst destroying our future - extreme weather events happening more often means crop failures & water shortages.

"We need that money investing in renewables which are currently 9 times cheaper."