Class of '92 unveil new Cruyff Court sporting facility for young people in Salford

A charity based in Greater Manchester have teamed up with a Dutch football legend's charity to open a new sporting facility in Salford.

Foundation 92 have partnered with the Johan Cruyff Foundation to open a new Cruyff Court - the first of its kind in Little Hulton and the second Cruyff Court to be built in Greater Manchester.

Some of Manchester United's Class of '92 came along to unveil the state-of-the-art court, including Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt.

The pair, along with some members of Foundation 92, played the first game ever on the pitch against young members of the Little Hulton Community.

The official opening of the new Class of '92 Cruyff Court. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Nicky Butt said: "The facility is amazing for the young people of the area to come and play football or basketball, or whatever sport they want.

"It's a real proud moment for us to be able to help give a facility like this to the community."

Ryan Giggs said: "I can only say I wish I had it [the facility] when I was growing up when I was playing football when I was younger.

"It's an area where people can come come together and enjoy themselves and feel safe and relax."

The facility, which is free for all to use, will also allow Foundation 92 to deliver more football, exercise and sport sessions in the area.

Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff created the Cruyff foundation to ensure all children have access to sport.

The late former Ajax and Barcelona player's son and Jordi Cruyff also came along to help open the new pitch.

Jordi, the former Manchester United player, said: "I knew it was a day I couldn't miss. That's why I did everything possible to come here to see old team mates again.

"But what I most like is to see kids having a place to play, kids excited to play football and no matter your age, boys, girls. The rules here are to enjoy, help each other and to take care of the pitch."

He added: "I think it's something my father really loved. If you ask what my father's favourite moment was, it was always playing with the kids, playing football and seeing them smile would make him smile."

There are 14 rules of Johan Cruyff for all people from all walks of life to follow when they enter the court - 14 to match the number worn by the late Ajax and Barcelona player who passed away in 2016.

The 14 rules of Johan Cruyff. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Jordi continued: "14 rules, I tell you I had more than 30 rules I think!

"But yes, 14 is a special number, it was a family number and nowadays when you say number 14 in football, people normally associate it to Johan Cruyff, to my father.

There are now 300 Cruyff Courts worldwide and the foundation are hoping to build many more.

Jordi said: "I'm very proud and very happy. We already have 300 [Cruyff Courts] worldwide and we're looking forward to doing more and more."