Dad of Elle Edwards to cross border into Scotland on walk against violent crime

Tim Edwards and John May say they've made 'friends for life' on their walk so far

The father of Elle Edwards, who was shot dead at the Lighthouse Pub in Wallasey Village on the Wirral on Christmas Eve, has reached Scotland on the final leg of his charity walk.

Tim Edwards joined up with Scouse comedian John May who was already committed to walking from Land's End in Cornwall to John O'Groats to raise awareness of the anti-gun and violence group Weapons Down Gloves Up.

John and Tim on their epic trek Credit: Instagram @thatjohnmay

Initially Tim was going to spend two days with John after meeting him in Worcester, but remarkably, they are still together with a month to go until they reach John O'Groats right at the tip of Scotland.

During the walk, which is over 1,200 miles, John hit his 600 milestone in Newcastle, where Tim marked 400 miles.

They admit they've become 'like a married couple' on this walk as they're together 24 hours a day, but say they're still yet to have a proper argument'.

There is a serious side to this unlikely friendship though.

Tim has previously said this walk is like therapy for him after his daughter Elle, 26, was killed in a shooting on Christmas Eve.

He said "Elle is always going to be with me wherever I go in life. We want to keep her name alive and that's exactly what we're doing."

Tim and his daughter Elle Credit: Family photo

Their epic trek to campaign against gun and knife crime saw them stop off in Liverpool where more than 300 people joined them on a march to the Pier Head, to say they have had enough of violence and things have to change.

Hundreds of people turned out to support Tim and John in Liverpool

Tim and John have passed through many places including Shropshire, Wigan, Bolton, Yorkshire, Newcastle, North Yorkshire and say the support has been amazing wherever they have been.

Tim Edwards said "The homecoming in Liverpool was amazing, it is something I will never forget.

"Everyone has been very supportive and very positive when we've bumped into them and if they recognise us they always wish us well."

Tim and John are set to arrive at John O'Groats between the 8th and 10th of May and say they will have people with them, though not on the scale of the Liverpool leg of the walk.

John said "We know it's a big ask as it is a long way away, but we will have friends and family coming up.

"If anyone wants to come up and walk with us feel free."

You can follow John and Tim's progress here.

600 mile mark for John May Credit: Instagram: @thatjohnmay

A man charged with Elle Edwards' murder is due to stand trial from 12 June.

Another man is also due to stand trial, charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and assisting an offender.