Footballer Kyle Dempsey will keep playing for Bolton Wanderers despite 'merciless attack' on bouncer

CCTV from the Crown Prosecution Service shows the assault which happened at the Maryport club hours after Bolton's pre-season friendly against Carlisle United at Brunton Park

Kyle Dempsey will continue to play for Bolton Wanderers despite being given an electronic tag and curfew after carrying out a 'merciless attack'.

The footballer was handed a 7pm curfew as part of his sentencing for Actual Bodily Harm after he admitted assaulting a doorman in Cumbria in July 2022.

But, despite telling a court he believed he may have jeopardised his career after he “completely lost it”, Bolton confirmed he will still be available for upcoming matches.

While the club said they did not condone the player's actions, they added he will continue to be available for selection.

The midfielder has been granted permission to continue his professional work beyond the 9am-7pm hours imposed by Carlisle Crown Court.

Kyle Dempsey's scored Wanderers' first goal in their 4-0 as they lifted the Papa John's Trophy. Credit: PA Images

Dempsey and his father Michael were found guilty of assaulting the doorman at a club in Maryport, and the midfielder was handed a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, alongside 200 hours of unpaid voluntary work.

He was also given an electronically monitored curfew for four months and ordered to pay £1750 in damages.

In a statement Wanderers said: "As a Club, we do not condone Kyle’s actions and have reminded Kyle of his responsibilities as a player for Bolton Wanderers.

"Kyle has apologised for his actions and the impact they have had, and we as a Club will continue to support Kyle going forward on and off the pitch.

"Regarding the curfew imposed, Kyle is permitted under the terms of the sentence to work beyond the hours stipulated and he will continue to be available for selection.

​"With the case having reached a conclusion in the court of law, we now consider the matter closed and the Club will not make any further comment."

The incident happened after Dempsey, of Blackpool, and his father, of Whitecroft, Maryport, forced their way into the club after they had previously been prevented from entering.

The footballer, who has previously played for Fleetwood Town and Carlisle United, had tried to chase a man who had knocked him unconscious just moments before during an unprovoked attack.

CCTV released by the Crown Prosecution Service show the moment Kyle and a "swarm" of people opened the doors, as doorman Darryl Jarvis fought and struggled with the group.

The video clearly shows the footballer repeatedly punching the doorman, as he bowed his head to protect himself.

Mr Jarvis suffered a broken nose, bruised ribs, a cut head, a chipped tooth and bruising.

As Kyle continues to hit Jarvis, other members of the group clamber to his aid, including Kyle's dad, Michael a former rugby league professional and junior coach, who is also seen attacking the bouncer.

Several other people are then shown in the footage attempting to get Michael and Kyle off Jarvis, before two police officers run through the doors and break up the fight, taking Michael and Kyle away.