Kalush Orchestra looking forward to Liverpool Eurovision show 'with Ukrainian flavour'

Kalush Orchestra Credit: PA

A member of Eurovision-winning band Kalush Orchestra says he is grateful for UK support at this year's song contest in Liverpool and is looking forward to a spectacle "with Ukrainian flavour".

Tymofii Muzychuk, a piper who forms part of the seven-piece Ukrainian group, said he believed "something incredible" would happen when Liverpool stages the competition next month.

The UK took over hosting duties on behalf of Ukraine while it remains under Russian invasion.

Kalush Orchestra is confirmed to be performing at the grand final on 13 May, alongside British star Sam Ryder who came second at the 2022 event.

Sam Ryder placed second at Eurovision 2022. Credit: PA

Asked about the UK becoming host in support of Ukraine, Muzychuk said: "We are grateful to Great Britain for this support, and we are also grateful that they are hosting this year's competition.

"We believe that something incredible awaits us in Liverpool, of course, with a Ukrainian flavour."

Muzychuk added that he and Kalush Orchestra were rooting for this year's Ukrainian entrant, electronic duo, and praised their song Heart Of Steel.

Kalush Orchestra is confirmed to be performing at the grand final on 13 May. Credit: PA

Kalush Orchestra has released a new song, Ushme Uturbe, which Muzychuk says was intended to "distract" people from the moment.

"We didn't try to place any specific meaning into the song itself," he said.

"We want people to listen to our new song, to be distracted from the moment, from any thoughts and just catch this vibe.

"Every moment is important, now more than ever."

The song was written and recorded in Austin in Texas, where the band hung Ukrainian coats of arms around the city as a symbol of gratitude.

"We don't want the world to forget what is happening in Ukraine now, and to continue to support us in all aspects," said Muzychuk.

"The fact that we left the Ukrainian coat of arms around the city is a sign that we left a piece of Ukraine, far away, in the US.

"And that we are grateful to the city for accepting us."