British woman caught up in Sudan conflict returning home to family in Preston

A British woman has told of how quickly the situation in Sudan turned deadly.

Fighting erupted in the African country earlier this month leading to the UK government arranging flights to evacuate British citizens.

Maya Agadir is due back in the UK on Friday and will then head to be with family in Preston.

She said: "It’s very difficult to understand, no matter how much you explain it. Even my family couldn’t understand it and they’re Sudanese.

"Nobody can understand how it is to wake up and everybody is just killing everybody in the street where you live. It’s just horrible."

Some of the planes taking part were involved in the Sudan evacuation operation. Credit: Ministry of Defence/PA

British nationals have been urged to rush to an airbase to be evacuated as a ceasefire between rivals in the intensifying conflict has been extended.

Hundreds have now been given safe passage away from the fighting.

Speaking at an airport in Cyprus, Maya said: "Getting to the Sudan airbase was a little bit shocking as I had not gone out of the house for two weeks before then. 

"Seeing the death and burned buildings on the way to the airbase was kind of like a slap in the face."

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly had said it would be “impossible” to continue the rescue effort, out of the Wadi Saeedna military airbase, if fighting were to resume.