Merseyrail train stations given Eurovision names with Southport becoming SONIAport

Credit: Merseyrail

Merseyrail has given its network map a pun-tastic makeover as part of the Eurovision Song Contest celebrations.

Passengers will now be boarding at Brotherhood of Manor Road, changing at Ooh Ah – A Little Bit Moorfields, before heading up to Boom-Bang-A-Bank-Hall via Sand-y Shaw-Hills.

Southport has even been turned into SONIAport on the special edition souvenir map, but there is one place which did not need re-naming.

It couldn't really be anything else could it? Credit: Merseyrail

Waterloo has remained Waterloo in memory of Abba's winning Eurovision entry in 1974, which sent them on the road to global fame.

A special edition of the map has been produced as a souvenir.

It follows a range of entertainment the train company has created, helping to contribute tothe party atmosphere throughout Liverpool since Eurovision started last weekend.

Station and train announcements made by Eurovision presenters Julia Sanina, Rylan and Graham Norton.

And a special Eurovision stage has been installed at Liverpool Central which has seen live acts perform to passengers passing through the network’s busiest station including with Elton Wrong and Team Bee Gees.

Team Bee Gees at Liverpool Central Credit: Al Stirling

Suzanne Grant, Commercial Director of Merseyrail, said: "We’ve had a lot of fun creating our Eurovision network map.

"I’m sure passengers and Eurovision fanatics will enjoy the word play – and maybe even think up some that we have missed!

Merseyrail is putting on extra trains over Eurovision weekend Credit: Al Stirling

"The whole Eurovision week has been fantastic for the city region, and everyone at Merseyrail will be working hard ensure everyone can travel safely and swiftly – especially on Saturday, the day of The Grand Final.

"We’ll have late-night trains running into the early hours of Sunday morning too. So please check before you travel and give yourself plenty of time."

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