The View abandon gig after lead singer punches bassist onstage at the Deaf Institute in Manchester

The gig was cut short after the lead singer Kyle Falconer punched bandmate Kieren Webster. Credit: The Window Co

Scottish indie band The View were forced to abandon their comeback gig - after a fight between the lead singer and bassist broke out on stage.

Footage from the sold-out show at The Deaf Institute, in Manchester, shows Kyle Falconer throwing a punch at bandmate Kieren Webster.

Members of the crew can then be seen trying to separate the pair in front of a crowd of people before leaving the stage during the gig on Wednesday 10 May.

Falconer then returned with an acoustic guitar to play one final song on his own, telling the audience: "Sorry, if you want Kieren [Webster] can come and finish the set.

"The problem with this band is that he wants to sing the songs and he can't."

The View, who are from Dundee, are best known for their 2007 single "Same Jeans" which reached number three on the UK Singles Chart

The band, made up of lead singer Kyle Falconer, guitarist Peter Reilly, bassist Kieren Webster and drummer Steven Morrison, reformed in December 2022 after splitting in 2017.

After the incident on stage in Manchester, The View issue a statement which said: "Unfortunately we are having to postpone tonight's London show.

"Our promoter is working to resolve the situation. Please keep hold of your tickets for now and we will make a further announcement in a few days.

"Massive apologies to all our fans."

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