Tommy Fury reveals on Loose Men he plans to propose to girlfriend Molly-Mae 'soon'

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury have been in a relationship since they both appeared on the fifth series of Love Island. Credit: Molly Mae/Instagram

Tommy Fury has revealed he plans to propose to his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague “soon”, during the all-male takeover of Loose Women.

The boxer, who met the social media influencer and creative director of Pretty Little Thing, on the fifth series of Love Island, said: “I’ve had it in the ear for the past two years.

“My actual plan was to do it a lot sooner but obviously being a boxer, when you’re in a training camp you’ve got to completely shut yourself off, you want to just focus on the fight so I can’t be going in and everywhere proposing.

“So I’m going to do it soon guys, honestly, I really am.”

The professional fighter, who lives in Manchester, spoke on a special episode called Loose Men, alongside presenter Vernon Kay, singer Martin Kemp and comedian Paul Sinha.

The panellists discussed their personal relationships, erectile dysfunction, male grooming and fatherhood during the episode which coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week.

Reflecting on life together with their new baby girl Bambi, Fury added: “I feel as a fighter, having a baby just gives me more motivation, something to fight for when times get tough, she’s what I’m fighting for now so it’s definitely spurred me on.”

The 24-year-old, who is the half brother of Tyson Fury, went on to discuss the pressure he feels to keep up a masculine persona outside the boxing ring due to social media.

He said: "Obviously, with what I do, it’s the most masculine (type sport) so you can’t be showing any form of weakness.

“There is still a pressure because there’s that much influence out there with social media.

“There’s all different types of what man you should be and I see people who aren’t boxers, who don’t do masculine things, they feel a pressure to do them things when they shouldn’t.”

Kemp said he was glad he grew up during the 1980s when “everything went”.

“I was going to the clubs seeing those New Romantic days when boys were kissing boys, girls were kissing girls, people cross-dressing, but everything went and it was completely fluid and it was really beautiful,” he recalled.

“And I’m really pleased I grew up like that and I passed that vibe down to my kids.

“I think as well nowadays, to me a masculine man is a man who is in touch with his feminine side.”

Former doctor and comedian Paul Sinha reflected on how he adopted a more masculine persona as he did not want to come out as gay initially.

“I could be as masculine or feminine as I liked as long as I became a doctor, that was the only important thing,” he said.

“So I didn’t feel pressure to be masculine based on my background or upbringing, but based on the fact that I was trying to be in the closet for as long as possible and not give the game away that I was gay.

"So I wasn’t laddish for the capital L but I was blokeish.”

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