Lee Rigby's family pledge to continue their work helping other bereaved military families

Lee Rigby's mother says she wants to continue to help other bereaved families Credit: Lyn Rigby

The mother of the murdered solider Lee Rigby says she hopes Lee would be proud of her, after they dedicated the last ten years to helping other bereaved military families.

As the family prepare to mark the tenth anniversary of his death, they've been telling ITV News of their hopes of creating a network of holiday retreats for bereaved families and those affected by terrorism.

They set up the Lee Rigby Foundation following their son's death in 2013, and in 2021 they bought a caravan in Aberystwyth, Wales - the first of what they hope will be many holiday locations for families to use.

'It warms my heart knowing that we're helping other' says Lyn Rigby

In an exclusive interview, Lyn Rigby told ITV News that "It warms my heart, knowing that we're helping others, because that's what Lee would have done.

"I can smile about it now, these days. I couldn't do in the past - I was just, my head was just focused on the job, you know, you gotta do this, you've got to do that. Then the family suffered a bit, but now we just do what we can for the foundation, and it's running smoothly now.

Lyn and Ian Rigby opening the caravan, named the Lee Rigby Retreat, in Aberystwyth Credit: Lyn Rigby

"We want to mark the ten years this year and we're looking into buying another caravan now, down Skegness area, because that was where I used to take Lee and [his sister] Sara when they was younger and they absolutely loved it down there.

"But that is my goal now is to get another caravan in Skegness this year and you know that that would be amazing."

The Lee Rigby Foundation has already begun fundraising the £5,000 needed to buy the second caravan in Skegness, you can find more information here

You can watch an extended interview with Lyn Rigby here:

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