Stockport County on the brink of returning to League One for first time in 12 years

  • A video report by Granada Reports Sports Correspondent David Chisnall

Stockport County could make history by returning to League One for the first time in more than 12 years.

Their fate depends on the outcome of their match against Carlisle in the League Two playoff final at Wembley on Sunday 28 May.

Stockport County returned to the Football League for the first time in 11 years in 2022 following a 2-0 win over Halifax Town.

Stockport County fans celebrating during the team's final against Halifax in May 2021.

This weekend, they are looking to do it all again. If they pull it off, it will not just be a momentous day for the team, but an unforgettable day for the fans.

Hatters manager Dave Challinor, who has been in charge of the club since November 2021, has an impressive promotion record with seven promotions in 13 seasons.

He said it is all down to his drive to keep "trying to improve".

He said: "I'm a different manager now than I was 10 years ago, certainly, and a different manager to five or six years ago.

"I count myself to be as fortunate as I have the success that I've had and been involved in seasons that normally end in exciting conclusions."

Challinor continued to say that a back-to-back promotion would be "massive and a great day for me".

He said: "Not many clubs and not many players are able to achieve that so it would be history for us.

"It would be massive and a great day for me, the club, my teammates and for my family who will be there as well."

Around 14,000 Stockport fans have bought their tickets for the play-off, with more expected to follow.

Stockport fans storming the pitch following their win against Halifax Town in 2021.

Stockport County's Myles Hippolyte said it would mean a lot to get the team back-to-back promotions.

He said: "Not many players are able to achieve that so it would mean a lot to us.

"It would be massive. It would be a great day for them [the fans], it would be a great day for me, a great day for the club, a great day for my teammates and it would be a great day for my family when they are there as well."

As a Londoner, Hippolyte's family will not have to travel far for the game at Wembley Stadium.

"The fans are massive I think and since I signed here I didn't realise the size of the club," he said.

"They're always there to support us and cheer us on and they're the 12th man that we always needed.

"We're hoping we can achieve that goal for them as well."