Mother of man, 20, stabbed at Manchester Carnival says 'it will haunt me forever' as killers jailed

Prosecutors argued that the case involved 'conflict between rival gangs'. Credit: MEN Media

The mother of a man stabbed to death at Manchester's Caribbean Carnival has said she will be forever haunted by her son's death.

Javell Morgan, 20, was killed in Moss Side on 14 August 2022 when two different groups of young men from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire clashed in the street.

One group were armed with guns, while the other were in possession of knives.

Even though Javell was not armed, he was chased down and stabbed multiple times by 22-year-old Jacob Doughty and Deontay Crosfield.

Crrosfield chased down Javell and stabbed him multiple times. Credit: MEN Media

Manchester Crown Court heard how Doughty stabbed Javell with a 'samurai sword', before a witness saw him 'laughing', hugging and shaking hands with friends after.

Following a seven week trial, both were found guilty of murder.

Sentencing, Judge Suzanne Goddard KC said: "This case involved a very serious disturbance in what should have been a joyful occasion in Moss Side.

"No sentence that I can pass on you can possibly atone for the pain that you have caused."

The pair were given life sentences – Doughty must serve a minimum of 21 years and Crosfield a minimum of 20 years, before they can be considered for release.

Judge Goddard said the case had "obvious gang overtones", but said there was a "lack of evidence of current gang membership", particularly in relation to Crosfield.

Speaking about his victim after the killing, the court heard Doughty messaged a friend and said: "Shouldn't be a gang member, innit."

Jacob Doughty was handed a life sentence. Credit: MEN Media

Javell's mother Vicky, who also has three daughters, told of her family's devastation at the tragic loss of a son, grandson, sibling and friend.

In a statement read in court on Vicky's behalf she said: "No mother should have to bury their child."

She recalled being called by the police following the incident, identifying her son and "having to kiss his cold face" as police looked on.

"All this will haunt me forever," she said.

"We are all serving a life sentence. Trying to be brave every day in front of the girls is utterly exhausting.

"There is no act so cruel than taking a person so young away from their family."

Javell Morgan, 20, was killed in Moss Side last summer. Credit: MEN Media

She said she cannot imagine herself forgiving the people who are responsible.

The court heard that teachers regarded Javell's teenage sisters as high achievers, but the grief caused by their brother's death has affected their studies.

His cousin, eight, asked: "Why God would have let this happen."

His mother continued: "Javell will be remembered by us all."

The court heard that Doughty and Crosfield had attended last summer's carnival on 14 August with friends. Both had brought knives with them from Huddersfield.

Just after midnight they became involved in an altercation with another group of young men from Huddersfield.

Prosecutor John Elvidge KC said: "A by-stander heard one of the members of the opposing team say to another 'there’s ops right there, I see ops right there'."

Doughty and Crosfield both bought knives with them from Huddersfield to Manchester Caribbean Carnival. Credit: MEN Media

Javell was with others including 19-year-old Mikyle Bucknor and 20-year-old Karmarni Batler. Both were armed with guns.

Harlan Richards, 19, had a sawn off shotgun. Bucknor's group were the initial aggressors.

Bucknor pointed a loaded handgun at Simeon Baptiste, a man who had been with Doughty and Crosfield when he moved forward.

Another man named Darius Blackburn struck out at his arm and the gun was fired into the ground.

"The tables turned in an instant," Mr Elvidge said.

Doughty, of Ponyfield Close in Huddersfield, and Crosfield, of Rawthorpe Crescent in Huddersfield, chased down the other group and caught Javell, who was stabbed five times.

Mr Baptiste, 24, of Wellfield Bank, Huddersfield, Mr Blackburn, 21, of Towngate, Huddersfield, and another man, Byron Goodhall, 23, of Dalmeny Avenue, Huddersfield, also stood trial and were found not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

Prosecutors said the motive for the attack may never be known. Credit: MEN Media

Following a second crown court trial, Bucknor, of Farrar Drive, Huddersfield, and Batler, of Belle Vue Crescent, Huddersfield, were convicted of attempting to murder Mr Baptiste.

Harlan Richards, of Trafalgar Close, Huddersfield, was found not guilty of attempted murder but guilty of possessing of a firearm with intent to endanger life. The three men will be sentenced in July.

Prosecutors said the motive for the attack may never be known. Doughty was previously brought to the courts after being found with a concealed knife at a nightclub in 2021.

The court heard how police had visited his family after they were concerned about "his connection to gangs".

His barrister Gordon Cole KC said that Doughty comes from a 'good family'.

The judge said that Crosfield, who has previous convictions for burglary and possessing a machete, has "good qualities" and could have had led a law abiding life.

In a letter submitted to the court, Crosfield said he "hates gangs and everything that goes with gang culture".

Judge Goddard praised the GMP officers who investigated the case and the witnesses who gave testimony at the trial.