Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness hopes to be back on podium for 2023

  • Granada Reports Isle of Man Correspondent Joshua Stokes caught up with John McGuinness

Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness says he hopes to be back on the podium as he takes on the 2023 races.

The Morecambe Missile has won 23 TT races across almost three decades of competing on the Island.

He made his 100th start at the world-famous event in 2022, and despite rumours of retirement McGuinness says "the fire is still burning".

"It's weird, I still have that driving ambition really," he said. "My passion is still there, the fire is still burning in my tummy all the time. I still love it, I love this place.

"I mean these things are a handful to ride, at 200mph down some of these streets, it takes a bit of hanging on to."

John McGuinness made his 100th start during last year's Isle of Man TT riding a special gold-painted bike. Credit: Steve Babb

McGuinness is no stranger to the Mountain Course, riding more than 50,000 miles round the 37-mile road.

But this year, he is hoping to be back on top of the podium.

"I would quietly love to stand on the podium," he said. "I've been up there 47 times, to go up there for the 48th time would be amazing.

"We are in the ball park with both bikes, if you're over 130mph around here you're not hanging about.

"There won't be any 50-year-olds going over 130mph I would imagine ever before, so it's good.

"If I do my best I won't be far away."

Fans say they would love to see John McGuinness back on the podium

And whether he is pushing for the podium, or looking for a finish, he says something will always keep him coming back to the TT races.

"It's amazing, you can go on holiday to Ibiza or something like that, somebody will come back and go 'the food was rubbish' or 'this was rubbish, or that was rubbish'," he said

"I've never heard anybody come to the TT and not enjoy it."

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