Teenagers found guilty after Kyle Hackland stabbed to death in Withington

Kyle Hackland was described as a "beautiful son" by his family. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Three teenagers have been found guilty of murder after a 17-year-old boy was stabbed to death in an attack that was caught on CCTV.

Lewis Ludford and Yousef Sesay, both 18, and a 16-year-old boy were all found unanimously guilty of murder.

A 17-year-old boy was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter by a majority decision.

Kyle Hackland was attacked on Southlea Road in Withington, Manchester at around 11:30 am on 22 November 2022.

Three boys were heard shouting "chef him, chef him" and "don’t ever try to rob us again" while kicking, punching, and stabbing Kyle.

Greater Manchester Police at the scene on Southlea Road in Withington. Credit: MEN Media

He was left in a critical condition with multiple stab wounds. Despite undergoing critical surgery, he died later that day from his injuries.

Richard Holliday for the North West Crown Prosecution Service said: “Kyle Hackland was the victim of a violent and senseless attack at the hands of other young men who were prepared to dish out revenge on anyone associated with the person they had a grudge against.”

Giving evidence, the 16-year-old defendant admitted stabbing Kyle in "panic" after wrongly believing that he was armed.

Ludford, 18, who admitted manslaughter, said he'd been "good friends" with Kyle as a child.

He claimed he only "wanted to have a fight" with Kyle because he was "angry".

The 17-year-old defendant told jurors that he remained in the car while the fatal attack unfolded, and had no involvement.

He was found guilty of manslaughter as he drove the guilty parties to the scene of the attack as well as driving them away.

Greater Manchester Police arriving at the scene in Withington. Credit: MEN Media

Richard Holliday said: “The CPS case was that they all took part in the attack, whether it was driving to the scene or inflicting the fatal blow and today the jury have reached the same conclusion.”

Kyle's murder was caught on camera in distressing footage, which brought his family to tears as it was played in court.

In the wake of his death, Kyle's loved ones said they were "completely broken" and described him as their "beautiful son".

A vigil held to remember Kyle Hackland. Credit: MEN Media

A few days after his death, on 27 November, Kyle’s friends and family released balloons and let off fireworks as part of a vigil to commemorate his life.

His family said: "We are devastated by the death of our beloved Kyle.

"He was such a kind and well-mannered young boy who always looked out for his family – never failing to say 'love you' as he walked out the door.

“There are no words that can even begin to describe the pain we feel. We have always been such a close family, and this has shattered us all.

“He will forever be missed as a beautiful son as well as a caring and helpful big brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend.

"Life will never be the same without him, we are completely broken."

Richard Holliday added “Though nothing can bring Kyle back, I hope his family can find some solace in the fact that the offenders have been brought to justice for what they did to him.

"Our thoughts remain with them at this time.”